Fair Trade
Multi Layered Coco Chips
Premium Quality

The Perfect EC Level from Growers to Growers

We, as growers and cannabis farm owners, fully understand how precise and small things make all the difference. Our coco coir origins from the equator where it rains all year round. Therefore, our 100% Organic hand picked premium coco coir has a lower EC which will ensure your plants grow quicker & healther.


  • Saves labor and money
  • Lowest EC in the industry Guarantee
  • Balanced Ph for cannabis
  • 100% Organic
  • We grind our coco into several different sizes, we arrange our particular compound in a unique order we developed specially for cannabis, which ensures that our growing cubes will deliver maximum outcome
  • Clean – washed by natural rainwater
  • Quality control by a western professional
  • Homogeneity is guaranteed throughout the year
  • Unique tailor made sizes for bulk orders
  • Special Service – professional contact representative availability and deliveries on time
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