Bio Mediums Growing Substrate

Yieldtech beddings are enriched with Bio-stimulants extracted from seaweed and plants. These extracts are known to have varied effects on the soil’s structure and its ability to absorb water and minerals, the vitality of helpful soil organisms and the suppression of harmful organisms, as well as modulating growth and flowering processes. Our bedding features a precise amount of Bio-stimulants which contributes upon planting to the plant’s acceptance of the new bedding and the initial healthy development of microorganisms around the root system.

  • Contains coconut with a high level of filtration and cleaning.
  • Low conductivity level (less than 0.7 EC).
  • An air to oxygen ratio perfect for fast growth and high nitrogen consumption.
  • Contains bio-stimulants at the highest level.
  • Sterilized of diseases, viruses and pests.
  • Ready for use without washing.
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