With Garden & Balcony your grass will always be greener

Garden & Balcony is a mineral-based fertilizer with Organic Vegan Components specifically suited for gardens with detached bedding for multi-year and seasonal plants. Its unique composition has been successfully tested on detached containers and beddings.

Fill the irrigation tank with water, add Garden & Balcony and mix well. Balance the EC value. Start the growth cycle at a value of EC=1.2 when using distilled water or EC=0.3/0.4 when using tap water. Use fertilizer for the plant’s entire growth/ flowering stage. Garden & Balcony contains all of the elements and micro- elements a plant needs. In addition, the fertilizer contains a rich organic mixture of algae and plants that provide enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and many natural elements that assist in the absorption of minerals, prevention of disease, and the enhancement of resistance to extreme conditions, healthy roots, fast and stable growth and improved soil conditions. Use of the fertilizer is recommended for the plant’s entire growth process and ensures optimal growth and flowering.

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Fertilizer pump (hydraulic/electrical): 0.2–1%. For average garden and balcony: Pour one liter into the fertilizer tank and fill the rest with water (dosage refers to a fertilizer tank that empties once every month). Consumption for monthly application: Add 100 ml to one liter of water and mix well. Then supply each plant with 150–250ml of the solution. Consumption for young tree/bush: Add 30 ml to three–five liters of water. Consumption for adult tree/adult bush: Add 50–100 ml to 10–20 liters of water. Consumption for 80 cm planter: Add 30 ml to 2.5 liters of water. Consumption for 100 cm planter: Add 50 ml to 3.5 liters of water. Consumption for 30/30 potted plant: Add 25 ml to one liter of water. Consumption for 60/60 potted plant: Add 40 ml to three liters of water. Consumption for 80/80 potted plant: Add 50 ml to five liters of water. Consumption for decorative plant greenhouses: Add 10 liters per 2.5 acres (hectare) per month.

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