Israel is a world leader in agro-tech. Rafael Mechulam is a world-renowned Israeli scientist and is considered the father of medicinal cannabis. Mechulam is known for his medicinal cannabis innovation in the Israeli startup nation, and for producing high quality medicine.

Many don’t know that Israel is a leader in agro-technology. Israel’s landscape is two-thirds desert land. As an isolated country that had to produce its own food supply, the country invested its’ best minds, and a substantial portion of its budget to enable the country to grow plants in the desert, thus creating food security for the growing population of the country.

The Volcano institute was also founded for this purpose and is now considered one of the worlds’ top agro research institutes.

Israel is one of largest producer in the world of specialty fertilizers. Israeli companies have invented drip irrigation, fertigation, certain types of deepwater cultures, advanced photo imaging for crop management. Israeli companies are also known for building and managing agro-projects all over the world.

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