Our Story

The seed of Yieldtech story begins in Israels’ 80’s, a horticulturist with a passion to turn the desert into a thriving Ecological space led the research and development with the goal to produce healthy plants, high yields, a healthy environment, and healthy farmers.

The philosophy behind Yieldtech Plants Superfoods is nature. In the amazingly healthy rain forests no NPK fertilizers or pest control are part of the rain forest land space. Nature shows us that no chemical can compete with the lush and health of a balanced Eco system.

The development of our Plants Superfoods is an extremely long and extensive process of testing. The development is a fruit of preparing and screening thousands of ingredients, plant extracts, sea weeds, roots, bark and many others, in a long process that took over 30 years, and is still being conducted in Yield Techs‘ laboratories by a team of experts.



Our Products

All of our products were Tested and Approved by Pharma companies and API’s producers! We do not release a product before we know it will be an industry leader. All of our products are unique and effective and consist of algae and plant extracts that we produce on our own! We own state of the art controlled cannabis-growing labs, and work in collaboration with plant tissue experts and botanical pharmaceutical companies. We continuously work to improve the potency and safety of the resulting medicine.

  • U.S patent pending
  • Small product line that takes care of all aspects of your plants all the time
  • Non synthetic Toxic chemicals
  • Bee and Fish safe – safe to use in aquaponics and outdoors

Our Ingredients

Most plant stimulators are formulated in the same factories, using different generic formulations using bought out ingredients. Yieldtech is cultivating, extracting and fermenting its’ key ingredients on its own! We produce strictly organic and vegan products, with no feces, no manure, and no Guano – it means NO E-COLI!

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